Genest Paving Stones offer unprecedented durability and are manufactured to exceed industry standards and withstand harsh New England weather conditions.  Our quality paving stones make outdoor spaces more beautiful.  With distinctive styles, shapes, and colors we offer a multitude of design options.  Made in Maine with the Genest Lifetime Warranty.

Paving Stone Cut Away

Engineering of a Genest paving stone.
Strength meets beauty.

The manufacturing process starts with a “base mix” of high strength concrete combined with a high concentration of stone, mostly granite. This combination creates a paving stone with solid strength and durability. Next we combine selected fine aggregate and a high concentration of cement and color pigment in the “face mix”. This results in a more brilliant color blend, and a solid surface with no visible signs of stone.

During this process the “base mix” is placed into the mold and compressed. Once the base is compacted, the “face mix” is immediately added and compressed together as a composite whole. The pavers now move onto the next stages of manufacturing. When installed these paving stones will withstand severe New England weather conditions and continue performing as designed for years to come.