Round Fire Pit

Nothing brings people together like a nice campfire! The Genest Outdoor Fire Pit is easy to set up and comes in two color blends to match all Genest patio pavers.

Typical round fire pits consist of 48 Genest Fire Pit Blocks. A metal insert is required (sold separately), and optional accessories are available including cooking grates and covers.

The fire pit must be removed from the pallet and installed per local fire codes. Please download the installation instructions below. It is important to read and follow the instructions before you build or use the fire pit.


Installation Guide

Download Full Instructions

Typical construction sequence for a 16″ high fire pit:

• Lay one course of block to mark where the installation will be (Figure A).

• Mark the pit location – Using a spade, dig around the circle about 1″ outside the ring. Remove the blocks.
• Create a level trench – Using a spade, dig out all the material in the ring to a depth of 10″. Backfill up evenly to create a level trench with a depth of 6″.
• Fill the trench – Fill the trench with 6″ of gravel. Using a hand tamper, compact gravel until level.

• Lay and level the base course – Place the first block in the ring and level side to side, front to back. Lay the rest of the course in the same manner as the first block until the course is finished (Figure B).*

• Assemble the remaining courses – Using a caulking gun, apply masonry adhesive to the blocks for the remaining courses while maintaining a running bond pattern.*

• Fill the pit – After installing the final course, install the metal ring. insert into the circle. Fill the bottom of the pit with 6″ of crushed stone.

*We recommend that after you install each course of blocks, you check to make sure the metal ring insert fits within the circle.


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Product Information

    • Pallet Weight
    • 3,300 lbs
    • Layers per pallet
    • 6
  • Round Fire Pit
    • Height
    • 4" (102 mm)
    • Length
    • 11.5" (292mm)
    • Depth
    • 7" (178mm)
    • Units/Pallet
    • 144
    • Units/Layer
    • 24
    • Unit weight
    • 21 lbs
  • Additional Information:
  • Outside diameter: 44"

    Inside diameter: 30"
  • Metal Ring Insert
  • Round Fire Pit
  • Additional Information:
  • Metal insert - not shown to scale (sold separately)
  • Cooking Grate
  • Round Fire Pit
  • Additional Information:
  • Heavy gauge steel cooking grate - not shown to scale (sold separately)
  • Stainless Steel Round Fire Pit Screen
  • Round Fire Pit
  • Additional Information:
  • Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel to help contain the fire and add to the overall look. (Sold separately)

Color Options

Granite Blend

Granite Blend

Earth Blend

Earth Blend

* Check with your local fire department for any restrictions before starting an open air, recreational or outdoor cooking fire and obtain proper permits if required.